Flyover Event

On Wednesday March 1st, 2023, from 12:00pm – 3:00pm PST an airplane flew above Meta’s Menlo Park headquarters bearing a plea to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to reverse the decision to shut down the game:


The event was livestreamed by EchoVR player rev2600 on their YouTube channel.

Additional information including Media Advisory announcement are available from the Press page

Who We Are

The Fight For Echo initiative is a community of like minded players of the most popular VR ESport; Echo Arena (aka Echo VR).

We were brought together by the announcement from Meta and Ready at Dawn that they will be shutting down the servers that support multiplayer Echo Arena and Echo Combat.

While we are extremely passionate about these games and are very supportive of the team at Ready at Dawn and the Echo Games franchise on the whole, we think we can still help Meta and Ready at Dawn by continuing to be the testing ground and supportive community we always have been and provide a place where larger ideas for other VR games can be tested.

We cannot do that however without some kind of game server being provided to the community to host ourselves, or minimal infrastructure to play on and the permission to work with the people required to do it. 

We understand that there is a future direction being taken; and that it is tied to regulations and compliance, and our intention is not to hold anything back. We only wish to continue to do what we’ve always done and be the ambassadors of VR that you want us to be.